Cory Monteith’s Death & The Divided Public Reaction

Cory Monteith
Cory Monteith

It’s fair to say I was and still am quite shocked at the sudden death of Cory Monteith who was famously known for playing Finn on ‘Glee’.  Having been a fan of Glee since its inception in 2009, though my active interest in the show did wane due to just being generally busy with life, the death of Monteith has come more of a shock to me because I didn’t even know he suffered from addiction in any way.

Now this blog entry won’t be an over indulgent tribute to Cory and his life as I didn’t know much about it aside from what I knew on Glee. But what I have picked up on is the reaction to his untimely death.  In most cases celebrity deaths garner a lot of media coverage and public emotion than most of us ‘regular’ people. And as such the coverage of Monteith’s death generated many trends on Twitter, many celebrities to voice their shocking reactions (Its crazy that in this day and age our initial instinct when we hear bad news is to go to twitter and express ourselves eh!) and most of the big name newspapers to run front page stories on the death.

This I don’t mind. I’m used to this. If the death of Michael Jackson taught me anything its that if you are famous and you die you better believe everyone will know about it whether you like it or not.

My issue is that in the face of this media coverage of Monteith’s death, many people have taken a different approach to acknowledge his death and started expressing their anger towards the world’s ‘over reaction’ to his death. I have seen many Tweets and Facebook Status’ from people asking why should we care about the death of famous people? Why do they hold such importance over others? So what if they are dead.. its their fault.

Now I understand how some people may feel when they see the death of a famous person make headline news yet the death of starving children in Africa doesn’t get any attention at all.


Heres the thing; the death of a famous person whether it be Cory Monteith, MJ, Whitney Houston,  Alliyah etal will always make headlines. These people were in show business and public figures in music/acting/modelling etc and when they die its a shock. Whether you agree or not the death of a famous person will always be a shock. We know them, we see them on TV, we listen to their music, we have their posters.. they become a facet of many people’s lives.

Don’t believe me? 12 people killed themselves when MJ died. You think some singer/actor has no impact on people’s lives? Okay.

What annoys me is when a famous person dies, of whatever causes, and people are quick to jump and compare the death of this one person to the deaths of millions of people across the world in Poverty, Famine & war torn countries. Since when did it become a race to see who gets the most emotional reaction out of a death? Death is death. Its a sad thing in every case. To suggest that the death of someone is more or less important than the death of someone else in a completely different context is frankly stupid as hell.

The death of people and children in war torn countries is heartbreaking enough without some people trying to make some sort of competition out of it and implying if you don’t show ‘X’ amount of emotion towards it you are a bad person.

The death of Monteith has upset a lot of fans of Glee and believe me that fan base is a strong one with a lot of deep rooted emotion involved. ‘Gleeks’ ,as they are known, will take to Twitter and Tumblr in the days to come to mourn the loss of one of their favourite actors. If you don’t like that then go elsewhere. And have some respect for someone who has just died. Yeah they may not have meant much or anything to you or your life but they did to somebody and the least you could do is accept that and keep your rude comments to yourself.

The actual cause of Monteith’s death is still unknown but its believed it is overdose related. Does that make it any less of a reason to acknowledge this person’s death? No. I don’t buy the whole ‘I can’t have sympathy for something who died from an overdose.. its self inflicted’ argument.

In that case I can’t have sympathy for your stupidity and ignorance to think that the cause of someone’s death is relative to how you should feel emotionally towards it.

Its a sad state of affairs when the death of someone famous is meticulously examined to decipher whether you should acknowledge or have any emotion towards it!

We’re all going to die one day. Remember that.

I think this tweet I saw earlier sums up everything.


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