10 Of The Best Songs for Summer

What's your summer song?
What’s your summer song?


With the heatwave here in the UK showing no signs of easing up (I am not complaining!) such weather requires the perfect soundtrack right?

As such I have compiled a list of the 10 of the best songs which sound perfect in the summer heat.

Its believed one of the best songs for summer is Will Smiths’ Summertime’ and though it is pretty damn good, there are tons of other songs which so many people tend to forget!

In no particular order we have;


Mariah Carey- Honey 

Released as the lead single to Carey’s ‘Butterfly’ album in August 1997 the song showed a much sexier side to Mariah and is considered the turning point in Mariah’s career where she began catering more to RnB/Urban audiences. I remember hearing this song played to death in the summer of 1997. Her sweet Rnb vocals and the simple piano beat makes this song a must for anyone relaxing in the sunshine.

Baby Bash ft Frankie J- Suga Suga

The summer of 2003 was a great one for many reasons. One of those reasons is this song. Released as the second single to Baby Bash’s ‘The Smokin’ Nephew’ album this song is probably the only one on this list which wad designed for Summer in mind. The gentle vocals of Frankie J backed by an irresistible latin guitar rift  makes this one of my all time favourite songs. Ever. Its so chilled!!!!

Rihanna & Sean Paul ‘Break It Off’

Back when Sean Paul’s career was far stronger than Rihanna’s and she was still trying to find her place in the industry, ‘Break It Off’ seriously came out of nowhere. As with many of Rihanna’s songs earlier in her career we all lost interest in anything past her lead singles but this was the FOURTH song from her second album ‘A Girl Like Me’. Released in November it wasn’t released with summer in mind but with its pop-dancehall vibe and seductive vocals from RiRi the song still is one of those songs everyone starts playing once the sun shines and the temperatures starts rising.

J.Lo ft Ja- Rule ‘I’m Real’ (Remix)

If you don’t have this song on your summer playlist then LEAVE!!!!! In an era where Ja.Rule ruled the airwaves and ‘Murder INC’ were the dominant musical collective on the scene , J.Lo knew how to latch on to trends and score a hit. Much like Baby Bash’s ‘Suga Suga’ the combination of relaxed vocals from J.Lo contrasting with the rough and rugged voice of Ja Rule, against a beat that makes you just want to bop your head ‘I’m Real’ is a must for anyone’s summer playlist.


Robin Thicke ft Pharrell ‘Wanna Love You Girl’

Before he was telling girls about his big dick on current smash hit ‘Blurred Lines’ Thicke and Pharrel worked together before on this forgotten gem! The song didn’t set charts alight as it was expected to do when it was released in 2005 but that didn’t stop it becoming a fan favourite and with its tranquil and picturesque video and Pharrell’s genius production.


Aaliyah ‘Rock The Boat’

This one is so bittersweet. On one hand we have the perfect song for summer with Aaliyah’s distinguishable vocals and that irresistible low register which still cannot be matched along with an almost hypnotising beat. And on the other hand we have the last ever music video from Aaliyah as shortly after filming the plane her and her crew were one crashed resulting in her death in August 2001. But with most of Aaliyah’s music it has stood the test of time and today this song, over 10 years old, sounds just as fresh and flirty.


Beenie Man Ft Mya ‘Girls Dem Suga’

I MISS THIS ERA OF MUSIC!!!! Produced by The Neptunes and released in 2000, this reggae fusion song became Beenie Man’s breakout hit internationally charting within the top 20 here in the UK. What makes this song so perfect for summer? Well reggae itself sounds PERFECT in the summer and again with J.Lo and Ja Rule or Baby Bash & Frankie J, its the smooth chorus against the rough and rugged verses which makes this song stand out.  If you’re just lounging around in the sun or having a BBQ, this song in the background compliments itself perfectly.


Wyclef Jean/ The Rock/ Melky/ Sedek ‘It Doesn’t Matter’

I bet most of you have forgotten this song haven’t you?! Released in Summer 2000 during the height of the WWF craze (hence The Rock’s feature) Wyclef struck gold with this song when it peaked within the top 3 of the UK singles chart. There isn’t one particular reason why this song is so perfect for summer, it just is! Its tongue and cheek and has a beat that stick in your head hours later. Its perfect!


The Game ft 50 Cent ‘Hate It Or Love It’

Cast your mind back to 2005 when The Game was under the wing of 50 Cent and G-unit were literally everywhere. Out came this song as the second single from The Game’s ‘The Documentary’ album. The soul vibe of this song infused with RnB funk made this song stand out amongst a lot of the other HipHop releases of that summer. You still hear this song played at BBQs almost 10 years on. It didn’t try and be brash or thuggish. It was a simple song with a good message with a beat that sounded perfect in the sun. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Blu Cantrell ft Sean Paul ‘Breathe’

I saved the best for last! ‘Breathe’ was Blu’s biggest (and only) hit in the UK staying at number 1 in the UK singles chart for 4 weeks and became the song of the summer in 2003  and went on to become the biggest selling song in the  UK for that year. This song was EVERYWHERE, it was inescapable. During one of the hottest summers we had in 2003, this song became its soundtrack.


I hope this little run down has refreshed your memory of some summer songs you may have forgotten. Now get out there and blast these songs in the sun! You won’t be disappointed!




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