Today marks a great day for anyone who is a fan of the undeniable talent that is Miss JoJo!

As of today it has been reported in the New York Daily News that JoJo is suing her Label Blackground Records citing that her seven years of service to the label are up and they are trapping her in her contract against her will.


Now for anyone who hasn’t been following the struggle that is JoJo’s music career let me summarise it for you.

Remember in 2006 When JoJo had her second album out called ‘The High Road‘? Well after that album she then went back into the studio to work on her third album which was going to be titled ‘All I Want Is Everything‘ which was intended to be released in 2008 in conjunction with her turning 18 (Remember she burst out onto the scene in 2003 at the tender age of 13!)

2008 came and went and in 2009 JoJo went to her Youtube Account to state that her label were still seeking a distribution deal for the album and shortly after that almost 20 of her newly recorded songs were leaked online.

Then in August of the same year she sought compensation for  her label putting her in ‘musical limbo’. She won the case and Blackground planned to release the album via Interscope.. Happy Days Right? WRONG.

Nothing came to fruition!!

JoJo then decided to release a mixtape called ‘Can’t Take This Away From Me‘ (clearly a subtle message to her label about her situation). And then still nothing. No album. No word of ANYTHING.  Until August of 2011 where it seemed Blackground were finally working towards JoJo’s third album release which was now titled ‘Jumping Trains‘. The single ‘Disaster‘ was uploaded to VEVO and gave JoJo her first single to chart on the  Billboard Top 100 since 2006 (Too Little Too Late).. thats 5 years later and  3 years after her third album was expected to be released.

Then everything went silent. AGAIN!

Until Summer 2012 when JoJo premiered the single ‘Demonstrate‘ which was expected to be on her third album. The video was shot and the song was expected to be up on iTunes in late August. But as ever nothing happened.

And in late 2012 Interscope Dropped Blackground from their distributing deal resulting in ANOTHER delay of JoJo’s third album. *SIGH*

Then as an ode to her fans JoJo released another mixtape titled ‘Agápē’  in December 2012 with no word on the status of her ill fated third album.

JoJo's Mixtape Cover for 'Agape'
JoJo’s Mixtape Cover for ‘Agape’

Ok so now that you are all caught up you can understand the sense of happiness and excitement I am feeling as a fan of JoJo with the news of her lawsuit against her label!  JoJo is prime example of how cruel the industry can really be, especially to someone so talented. But this injustice hasn’t gone unnoticed. Her army of fans have been fighting for her to be released from her label. Fans coined the trend #FREEJOJO to spread awareness of her current struggle and even Nicki Minaj began wondering what ever happened to JoJo?!

And the funny thing is that JoJo has never stopped being relevant since the drama with her label began. She made a cover version to Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls‘ and even remixed Drake’s ‘Houstatlantavegas‘ but she really got everyone’s attention when she again remixed a Drake song but this time it was in the form of ‘Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better’). EVERYONE knows JoJo SLAYED that remix and even bettered the original to the point where it forced Drake to come out and speak about it and instigated the likes of Chris Brown/ Paula DeAnda and Lil Wayne to do their own versions.

Why her label never capitalised on the momentum the remix generated and used it to their advantage I WILL NEVER EVER KNOW!!!!

As a fan of JoJo since 2004 when I saw her on MTV in her red jacket and jeans singing ‘Leave (Get Out)’ I really want her to WIN. The mishandling of JoJo has gone on far too long. This mentality of Blackground Records that if they can’t play with their own toys, no one else can is disgusting. They should do the honourable thing and LET. HER. GO. The same way if you can’t take care of your own child you give them to someone who can, if you can’t manage your act then you give them to someone who can. ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!!!

Its upsetting to see someone so talented and determined to succeed have to resort to doing covers on YouTube and mini concerts at her friend’s house in order to get her music out there to the public.

I hope and pray this lawsuit against Da Family and Blackground marks a turning point in the fortunes of JoJo.  If her mixtapes and leaked singles have shown us anything (aside from the fact her label sucks) its that she is easily vocally capable of having Worldwide success and can hold a note just as good as Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson & Rihanna (well everyone can sing better than Rihanna but lets not go there).

When the day does arrive that her third album is eventually released I will be there, first in line with my money happy to invest my money in a singer who deserves the chance to let her talent and musical vision prosper.

For now enjoy the video for the song ‘Andre‘ from her mixtape ‘Agape


Source; http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/jojo-sues-record-label-contract-article-1.1413359

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