Miley Cyrus & Her Quest To Be Ratchet

Miley is 'bout that life!
Miley is ’bout that life!

Remember when Miley Cyrus was singing about ‘The Climb’ back in 2009? Singing about “There’s always gonna be another mountain I’m always gonna wanna make it move“..Well who knew once she got to the top of that mountain she’d twerk her ass all the way back down in her quest for Ratchet Supremacy in 2013.

I have been meaning to do this blog entry for a very long time. Initially I thought I was overreacting to this new image and sound of hers where she twerks more than walks these days and is all about her ‘homies’. But no, she has continuously displayed herself as the love child of Vanilla Ice and Kreayshawn and frankly its annoying the hell out of me and a lot of people I know.

Now the issue here is that Miley Cyrus is not ratchet, she is trying to be ratchet. I understand she is of an age now where she wants to shed the image of Disney’s Hannah Montana and forge a name for herself away from the Disney endorsed TV show. I have no issue with that, even her peers Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are attempting to venture out into Hollywood and stand on their own two feet. However the way in which she is going about this ‘re birth’ of hers is all wrong and in some respects damn right offensive.

For 2 years now Miley has promised her fans new music and when she tweeted a photo of her and Pharrell Williams together it was apparent that she was exploring a more mature, less pop sound.  She even cut her hair to make a statement that she is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants!

All was going well until she started twerking. *roll eyes*. In a further bid to show the world she is a grown woman she uploaded a video of her twerking in a onesie. And it appears since then her lack of ass has caught a terrible case of the hiccups because she can’t seem to stop. This is apparent in a recent video of her twerking at a Juicy J concert to hoochie anthem ‘Bandz Make Her Dance’. And on top of all that she has now become the ambassador of twerking by mainstream media heralding her as the ‘inventor’ of the dance to the point where a Capital FM  DJ urged a 13 year old listener of the station to twerk to the songs they played. I have no words!!!! Do they not know what this dance entails?!

But don’t get it twisted. Tons of black girls across America twerk on YouTube and get branded whores and sluts but when Miley does it she is ‘having fun’ and ‘slaying’.  But white privilege is another topic for another day.

Then came her song ‘We Can’t Stop’ produced by Mike-Will-Made-It (for anyone these days) which the writers of the song revealed that Miley herself said she ‘wants something that feels black’. And apparently ‘We Can’t Stop’ does just that. Lets just examine some of the lyrics shall we?

To my home girls here with the big butt
Shaking it like we at a strip club
Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya
And everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom
We all so turnt up here
Getting turnt up, yeah, yeah

So let me get this straight? Big Butts/ Strip Clubs/Taking  Cocaine and getting ‘turnt up’ represent black people/culture? Errrrrr. Miley said she wanted something that sounded black and apparently what she was after was the stereotypical World Star Hip Hop ‘aint no body got time fo dat’ idea of what being black represents. I’m not even black myself and I was offended by this!

But who here is to blame is the real question? Do we blame Miley Cyrus for promoting her skewed idea of black/urban culture to middle class white people or do we blame her ‘rent a negro’ friends like Mike-Will-Made- It who knowing full well how offensive this song could be still produced and co-wrote it without thinking for a second to educate this girl on what black music really embodies?

That isn't Shisha thats for sure!
That isn’t Shisha thats for sure!

To further show how ghetto and hood fabulous Miley now is she has taken it upon herself to tweet her fans using words like ‘Werk’ and ‘turnt up’ and her experiences with smoking weed. She recently revealed that the title of her new album is called ‘Bangerz’. Did she think changing the ‘S’ to a ‘Z’ made her more down with the kids? Like for real I’m starting to think she watched ‘Friday’ and ‘Barbershop’ one night and decided to base her whole life and musical direction around them.

I understand that Miley Cyrus is young and to some people she is just having fun and enjoying life and perhaps this is just her exploring a different side to the industry she never really knew about. That’s fine. In this digital era of music we live in you have to keep it fresh and interesting and you have to reinvent yourself to keep your brand relevant.  But why is that when two other members of the Disney Alumni, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, decided to work with Pharrell and dabble in more urban sounds they weren’t all over the media talking about how they ’bout that life’ and urging for Obama to legalise weed? Just an observation there..

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to what Miley ‘Rihanna’ Cyrus has to offer album wise because unlike the trash that is ‘We Can’t Stop’ I have faith Pharrell will be responsible for some great urban pop music for Miley. Yes guys, Miley is still Pop. She can try as hard as she wants to run away from that title but its staying and I’ll be damned if iTunes class her ‘Bangerz’ album in the ‘Rnb/HipHop’ genre!

A 'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera
A ‘Dirrty’ Christina Aguilera

To finish off, I was listening to Miley Cyrus’ KISS 100 radio interview today and she spoke about wanting to working with Pharrell and how she wanted her music to not sound dated as she feels her earlier music hasn’t stood the test of time. Thing is Miley that this whole image and sound you’re portraying will be dated in about 4-5 years. Don’t believe me? Ask Christina Aguilera circa 2003 and her ass less chaps and they’ll say otherwise.

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