Why Do People Hate Drake?


Hate is probably a strong word but there is no denying that the Canadian rapper/singer/actor surely gets under a lot of people’s skin.

Drake, whose real name is Aubery (a fact his naysayers like to remind him about), is easily one of the most polarising and controversial rappers of recent times. Loved by many and loathed by even more just what is the reason for people to dislike Drake?

From my personal stance I have always been a fan of Drake. Since his mix tape days in 2007 I have avidly listened to his music and though it is true he doesn’t follow the conventional image of what a rapper embodies, I found it to be quite a breath of fresh air. His mix tapes ‘Room for Improvement’/ ‘Comeback Season’ and ‘So Far Gone’ have been cited by many as game changers in the realms of mix tapes. No longer were mix tapes full of loud mouthed DJ’s yelling hooks or shout outs. His ‘So Far Gone’ tape stood up against some of the albums released the same year. Quite some feat!

But even with all this there are some aspects of Drake that many people vehemently dislike. Rap veteran and everyones favourite angry man DMX was quoted as saying whilst on The Breakfast Club;

I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his fucking voice. I don’t like what he talks about, I don’t like his face, I don’t like the way he walks, I don’t like nothing. I don’t like his haircut. I might just — let me shut up. Stop right there.

DMX @ The Breakfast Club
DMX @ The Breakfast Club

Not the most kindest of words are they? Now I am going to assume here and say the reason DMX as well as many others dislike Drake is because he doesn’t fit the stereotypical idea of what a rapper is. Like I said before, I found this to be a breath of fresh air but to many this is seen as an insult to the rap game. The difference with Drake is that he is an openly emotional guy. He isn’t afraid to rap about missing his ex being in love with a girl he cannot have. And though he raps about emotions more than his bitches and his riches surely this is something that should be commended instead of being used as a reason to attack him right?

When I was growing up all I saw were rappers rapping about how rich they were, how many bitches  girls loved them and ultimately how they are the shit. And I don’t know about you but I found this quite boring pretty fast, mainly because most of the time you knew these guy were stuntin’. Because of this, Drake’s fan base is not the stereotypical fan base you’d associate with a rapper which links into my next point.

Have any of you been to a Drake concert? I had the chance to go but I chose not to and you know why? Because his concerts are aimed at girls. From what I have been told he makes a point of being overly sexual and a romeo of sorts during his performances and though I like him and his music you can bet your ass I will not be in attendance at a concert where the whole time he is appealing to the horny girls in the audience rather than those who came for the music. 80% of his concerts consist of girls in the audience and for rap that is unheard of because rap is traditionally known as a male genre of music where those who go are raw ‘hood’ type people who want to hear rhymes and bars that make the crowd go ‘OWWWWW!!!’ Not high pitched screams from the 15 year old girl getting wet whenever Drake lifts his shirt up.drake-shirtless-abs-toronto-1

And this has caused many males to make a point about not liking Drake because he is a girls rapper and any boy who seems to enjoy Drake’s music is clearly a faggot. I mean clearly. *rolls eyes into another dimension*

Another reason why people probably don’t like Drake is because while he himself is known as the emotional rapper who puts his heart out there in his lyrics, there are times where he backtracks and tries to come across as a hood type rapper. I have  noticed this myself and I have seen it annoy people because you can’t be both.  This is a very stoic belief of Hip Hop where you are either a ‘down with the streets’ rapper or not. And when Drake does this he comes across so forced and dis-ingenuine that it is hard for people to take him seriously. Take ‘Stay Schemin’ for example. When he came out with his verse talking about ‘Might look light, but we heavy though
You think drake would pull some shit like that you never know’ a lot of HipHop fans were angry that the same guy who only months before was singing about wanting to take care of Rihanna is now firing shots as if he is from the mean streets of the Bronx. The same can be said for ‘Started From The Bottom’ where Drake claims to have experienced hardships while growing up yet everyone knows he comes from an affluent Canadian background and starred in ‘Desgrassi’ growing up.

What people want in a rapper is someone they can empathise with. Someone they can look at and see that they have made it through the struggle to succeed. HipHop fans don’t admit this but they want to be inspired by rappers and this is where Drake falls short compared to the likes of J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar who have both literally started from the bottom to get where they are today.

Drake Sings about Rihanna (again)
Drake Sings about Rihanna (again)

Notice how I said Drake sings?  Not content with just being a rapper, Drake has taken to singing on many of his songs and though this doesn’t bother me as much because Drake has always somewhat sung in his songs, it sure as hell pisses off listeners who expect their rappers to just rap. If Drake can do both then I see no reason why he should be criticised for it. But because of his singing many rap fans have said that he isn’t actually a rapper if he sings and he shouldn’t be classed as ‘Hip Hop’ but instead RnB. Quite frankly I don’t care what genre Drake comes under but to some people it means the world  and again it brings us back to the argument that Drake isn’t really Hip Hop and him being considered HipHop is an insult to the genre.

Now I know it may seem as if I love Drake and he can do no wrong but there have been times where I too have been dumbfounded at some of his music. Let us remind ourselves of YOLO. He said this one word which stood for ‘You Only Live Once’ and  this phrase has been around for CENTURIES. But when Drake dropped it on his track ‘The Motto’ it blew up and became a staple of pop culture. And this is another reason why people don’t like Drake. Because sometimes, his raps are stupid as hell. But they circulate and before you know it you have news anchors using YOLO in their bulletins. *Rolls Eyes*. This brings us back to the argument that people believe Drake is an insult to authentic Hip Hop with his uninspired raps which seem to catch the publics attention than something with real depth and insight.

Theres a whole long list of reasons why people hate Drake and I am sure they are  going to be increased once his 3rd studio album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ drops at the end of this month because thats what Drake does. He gets people talking, whether it be good or bad or even about his eyebrows, Drake is always being discussed.  In some respects you could say Drake is an enigma but don’t take my word for it. Just look at the fact that whenever a new song of his drops it ends up trending on Twitter or the countless Drake memes which flood everyones Instagram feed or even the fact that I have taken time out of my day to write a post about the damn guy!

And I hate to say it but you know what I realised? Despite all the hate and abuse he gets online Drake does stay winning.


1 thought on “Why Do People Hate Drake?

  1. Though I agree with most of what you’ve said, you should’ve took the time out to learn about Drake’s life before So Far Gone, or even Room For Improvement. Or maybe you have and you just did mention anything. Anyway, ‘Started From the Bottom’ wasn’t to say he came up from the very bottom as other rappers did so people can’t get angry at him for them misinterpreting the message of the song; Drake meant to say that when it comes to the rap game, he started from the bottom of that. He had no help, and you can’t bring up Lil Wayne because you don’t see Lil Wayne on Drake’s first mixtape, or even the music that came out before that mixtape; and you can’t bring up Degrassi because if that show can make someone as popular as Drake that popular, then where the hell is the rest of the cast… ? Why aren’t they in as many people’s mouths as Drake is?
    As for Drake growing up in a rich neighborhood and all; no. If people took out the time to watch his interviews and really get to know him before making a decision about him, then they’d see that he didn’t have a big house all to himself. His mom only had the first floor while Drake had the basement. And the list goes on.
    So what if Drake rapped “might look like, but we heavy though. You think Drake will pull some shit like that? You never know”? How many artists say lines just for the sake of a rhyme, to complete a verse, and etc.? The true question is, why do people only take it so seriously when Drake does it? In my opinion, people go out of their way to him, and that sucks because he’s actually extremely talented at rapping, twice as much as he is at singing. Don’t overlook an artist’s talent and say he sucks just because he’s at the very top, and didn’t live the life that you agree that a rapper should’ve lived (speaking in general).
    The best part about that last sentence is, Drake even addresses how he isn’t such a tough guy in his songs. For example, ‘Closer’. Take a look: Ex girl strippin’, I can’t stop her. New girl trippin’ but I can’t drop her, ’cause I need somethin’ to balance out the fact that it’s hard to find a woman when you talented and black. When you hollerin’ at labels, and they silencing you back, ’cause you fail to thoroughly discuss some violence in ya track.
    It sucks that people would rather focus on lyrics from a Drake’s song like ‘The Motto’ instead of seeing he just made “balance out the fact”, “talented and black”, “silencing you back”, and “violence in ya track”, rhyme. That, my friends, is what rapping is to me. A rhyme scheme like that is tough, and he stayed on topic with it too.

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