TLC- Crazy-Sexy-Cool: The Movie- My Thoughts



The long awaited and highly anticipated (depending what generation you belong to) TLC Biopic aired in America on VH1 the other night and by the greatness of the Internet little old me in Nottingham, UK was able to watch it last night after much praise and acclaim which flooded my twitter feed for a whole day,

And I’ll tell you what, all that praise was most definitely warranted. I mean sure it is easy to get carried away in the hype of things and because everyone else is screaming and shouting about how good the movie was, its expected that everyone else follows suit. But I was really captivated by the entire movie from start to finish.

First lets talk about the B R I L L I A N T casting for the movie. Whoever was in charge of that stand the hell up and take a bow!! I don’t think I have ever seen such a realistic casting for a movie, ever. They all looked like their respective character especially Lil Mama who played the late Left Eye. At times I felt like I was watching real life footage of TLC in the studio and not a mock up filmed by actors for the movie. Thats one of the reasons why I enjoyed this movie so much like in some parts I forgot it was even a movie!

All three ladies were brilliant playing their roles but again Lil Mama really was a revelation. Strangely enough though her career has never really taken off. Between her song ‘LipGloss’, being a judge on reality TV shows and jumping on stage unannounced with Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Lil Mama has been pretty much a non-entity within the industry. However, I really do hope this movie does something in the way of changing public opinion of her because if her music isn’t to your taste, she has damn good acting chops and perhaps thats an avenue she should venture into more? I mean it’s not like shes reading this but if you are ‘AYO MAMMA! SECURE SOME MORE ACTING GIGS!’

Now lets talk about the injustice! Mamma knows child!! The injustice TLC endured at the hands of Pebbles (I won’t say anything more because I am scared she’s going to start googling her name and filing lawsuits at anyone who says a bad word about her.. wahhh!!!) But seeing how royally shafted TLC were at the start of their career was shocking because all this stuff actually happened! $25 a week per band member to live on? When they’re making millions they get next to nothing? Its crazy but this stuff happens. Contracts are the devil’s Bible you know!

Let us not forget the music! Now, I am too young to recollect their earlier stuff (What About Your Friends’ etc) and my first memory of TLC was watching their video for No Scrubs on the TV while I was eating a cheese and tomato Pizza in the summer heat. Why did  I mention the pizza? I don’t know I just know I want pizza now. But back to the point, I always knew TLC had good music, they wouldn’t of lasted so long on crap music.. well back then they wouldn’t have but I guess now anyone can sustain a career despite how crap their music is *Points at David Guetta*.

The thing is that this movie opened my ears to some of their earlier music and best believe I downloaded their Greatest Hits album as soon as the movie ended and have been blasting it since. Thats one thing I hope this movie does. It introduces a new generation of people to TLC because despite how huge they were in the 90s there are some people who don’t even know who TLC are and TLC is such an important group no only for young girls but for music overall. They pushed social/sexual and gender boundaries and they were themselves and embraced each other’s oddities to make music that stands the test of time today.



Im secretly happily they decided to make this a TV movie rather than a big massive box office affair because like T-Boz and Chilli said on The Breakfast Club last week, it would have just been about the opening weekend figures and no one would have paid any mind to the actual story of TLC.  And the story of TLC is a damn good one, whether its abortion, sickle cell anaemia, betrayal, greed or death the TLC movie had it all and just showed how resilient and determined these ladies were to make it.

Whether you are a fan of TLC or not I can promise you that you will enjoy this movie and if you don’t then watch it again and again and again until you damn well enjoy it because I am not taking no for an answer!



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