colour offensive’s Top 10 Albums of 2013. #10

As 2013 slowly draws to a close and we have endured another 12 months of complete and utter fuckery from music and pop culture I think it is time for me to list my Top 10 best albums of 2013.

This list was initially going to be a top 12 but then I realised that I didn’t even like 12 albums this year so a top 10 seems more fitting. For the next 10 days I’ll list my own personal favourite albums of 2013. Some you’ll agree with, some you won’t agree and some you may not have realised were released this year.

Enough chitter chatter, lets get started!

 #10 – Demi Lovato -DEMI

Demi Lovato: 'DEMI'
Demi Lovato: ‘DEMI’

The fourth album from the Disney alumni and the first album of hers I have ever listened to entirely, DEMI ends up at number 10 of my 10 best albums of 2013.

Her stint of XFactorUSA was where I really started paying attention to this lady as I can’t say I ever watched or wanted to watch her Camp Rock movie or her Disney TV Show.  The album was the follow-up to what she even called her ‘generic’ third album ‘Unbroken’, I never listened to it but the lead single ‘Skyscraper’ was pleasant enough but thats as far as it went for me.

However, after falling in love with her during TheXFactorUSA I was excited to see what music she would bring out because despite what history dictates about these girls that come from Disney beginnings, Demi Lovato can actually sing and sing damn well.

The lead single ‘Heart Attack’ literally burst on to pop radio in the spring of this year and became her biggest hit internationally peaking at number 3 within the UK singles chart. The song was a electro pop/rock beast which harked back to the ‘Breakaway’ days of Kelly Clarkson and showcased Demi’s impressive vocal range. I mean, I spent most of this summer trying to sing this song without sounding like Ja Rule and have yet to come close.

I was worried that it would be a case of an amazing lead single housed in an album of generic throwaway pop songs but happily I was wrong. This album has a great balance of pop up tempos with heartfelt ballads and even Demi’s first attempt at dabbling in EDM with ‘Neon Lights’ which again showcases her vocals amazingly. And lets just talk about the moment the choir kicks in on her ballad ‘Nightingale’.. urgh it took me to Church I tell ya!! Also if after listening to ‘Something That We’re Not’ and ‘Really Don’t Care’ you tell me they aren’t stuck in your head for hours later with their insanely addictive chorus’ and infectious production you’re a damn liar!

Many of her long time fans consider this her first ‘proper adult’ album and is the one they all expected immediately from her after her stint in rehab but I guess the age old saying still resonates that good things come to those who wait.

Catchy, inoffensive, bursting with great vocal performances and witty song writing, Demi Lovato’s ‘DEMI’ really was a welcome surprise to my ears.

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