colour offensive’s Top10 Albums of 2013. #5

#5 – Drake- ‘Nothing Was The Same’

Drake - 'Nothing Was The Same'
Drake – ‘Nothing Was The Same’

We’re at the half way point on my list of the 10 best albums of 2013, with Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West filling places 10-6 who has beaten them all to make the top 5? Here’s a hint; he’s on his worst behaviour.

Yes! I am of course talking about Drake with his third studio album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ which kicks off the top 5.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I fuck with Drake and I’m not ashamed to admit it. While many pseudo macho men feel that liking Drake is a cardinal sin because he shows emotion in his music and emotion in HipHop is a new concept for these guys he gets a bad rep from the general public. Social media is flooded with memes and painfully unfunny opinions of Drake being ‘the type of n*gga that [insert over exaggerated act] because Drake isn’t your typical hoes-and-bitches-popping-bottles-in-the-club style rapper. Sure he has his moments where he makes uninspired songs about his bitches but for the most part Drake isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve when he raps.

When ‘Nothing Was The Same’ was first announced he had a lot to prove because his sophomore album ‘Take Care’ was such a huge success and helped him crossover to more pop radio territory so he now had an entirely new bunch of fans who never knew about his ‘Best I Ever Had’ days. These fans wanted more songs like ‘Take Care’ ft Rihanna. They wanted radio Drake.

But then on the other hand he had a lot to prove to some of his existing fans who had been listening to him since his mix tape days and felt he ‘fell off’ and became a hopeless romantic with his music and ‘Take Care’ was a different sound for Drake and personally it felt like an RnB album instead of a Hip Hop one but hey I still liked it.

And I think Drake knew it himself too. He had to satisfy two different markets and instead of going the Nicki Minaj route of selling out entirely and making trash like ‘Starships’, Drake cleverly merged the two audiences together on this album. He made something that everyone can enjoy with ‘Nothing Was The Same’.

He had tracks that appeased his HipHop fans like ‘All Me’ ft 2Chainz and Big Sean and ‘305 to my City’ ft Detail that were dark, gritty, and songs that you would never ever hear on radio. But then he made tracks like ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, ‘Come Thru’ and ‘From Time’ ft Jhene Aiko that were bordering RnB and showed Drake embrace his singing abilities with ‘Hold On…’ being the first song he has sung on entirely and you know what? It was damn good!

On ‘Worst Behaviour’ he channelled is inner Kanye West post ‘Yeezus’ with an angry rant to those who doubted him or in his words ‘never loved him’. It was abrasive and Drake was all the way done with everyone’s shit. And a post about ‘Nothing Was The Same’ cannot be written without mentioning ‘Tuscan Leather’ and the whole lotta brilliance that song is. I can’t gush over how much I love this song, structurally, production wise, lyrically this is Drake at his very best in my eyes. HE COMBINED 3 SONGS INTO ONE FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

Ok lemme calm down now.

A Drake album wouldn’t be so without him baring his soul at some point or another, its something I’ve grown use to expecting from the rapper but on this album he dug deeper for inspiration. ‘Too Much’ is Drake giving us a peep into his own life with his family and the trials and tribulations that they all currently face. He even called out his own Mother on the song and when he did that I was like


But I loved it. This was a side to Drake I’m not use to hearing but I definitely want to hear more from. Most of the best music draws from personal experiences so gimme more of that Drake!!

A mixed bag of sounds which pleased even the most casual of Drake fans, ‘Nothing Was The Same’ remains an exciting listen even after all these months and in a year where Drake has been the butt of endless jokes  its funny that Drake be the type of N*gga that made a better album than Jay Z and Kanye West did.

In my eyes he did anyway.

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