Things We Need To Leave In 2013


The end of the year is nigh! With one day left of 2013 its about that time we look  back at the past 12 months and, along with the things we loved and cherished, we decide what songs/people/dances/phrases we would rather not ever see again and should remain firmly in 2013.

I’ve created my own little list of things I’d be happy if I never ever saw again in the history of my life and in no particular order they are…

Kanye West’s Ego

Unknown-3In the past year Kanye West has become more famous for his rants and tantrums than he has his music. This year saw the rapper moan and complain about how much he hates corporations, the government, white America and what it is integral for him to be a billionaire. He even warned the President of The United States not to talk about Kim Kardashian. This guy has become a laughing stock and it’s all his own fault. Claiming he is a God, comparing Kim Kardashian to America’s First Lady and ALLEGEDLY saying he is the next Nelson Mandela. I don’t know about you guys but I’d be happy if I didn’t hear a single word uttered from this guy’s mouth in 2014. Just raise baby North and shut the hell up!

Getting ‘Turnt Up’


I’ll admit I did use this phrase in 2013 but I at least used it correctly! To get ‘Turnt Up’ means to just get drunk/high/ fucked up and this year it seemed that everyone was getting ‘Turnt Up’. The only problem was that people were using this phrase in the most dumbest contexts. And when that happens you know your social media feed will be flooded with idiots over using the phrase for the most basic of things.


Last year it was ‘LEGGO’ and this year its ‘Turnt Up’. Just shut up and TURN DOWN for the sake of humanity.

Light Skin Vs Dark Skin Debate

skinsI’m neither light skin or dark skin because I am asian so I’m like a cute blend of the two BUT this debate annoyed the hell out of me in 2013. On Twitter there were actual debates about why ‘light skin’ girls/boys are better and how they think they are better than ‘dark skins’. No one cares what tone of black you are and if it matters to you then you need to find the light and see find Jesus.

Drake Be The Type of N*gga Memes



They were funny at first but as usual with everyone I like people find a way to kill the joke and ruin it. It got to a point where they were becoming so stupid that most of the time there wasn’t even a joke in the meme. Just let this trend go I BEG YOU.


‘100’ Emoji

No doubt 2013 is the year that emojis became a pop culture phenomenon and many emojis have taken on a life of their own. The girl in the pink sweater with one hand in the air is considered the ‘flawless’ emoji and the fingers with the pink nail varnish have replaced the motion of flipping your hair when you say something sassy to your friends. But is one emoji which has become so over exposed in 2013 I wish apple/android gave us smart phone users the ability to delete them from our devices!

The ‘100’ emoji is used whenever someone THINKS they are saying something wise or deep. Operative word being THINKS because a lot of the time its just some obvious statement which even a monkey knows.  And I’m not alone in this hatred for this emoji!!


post-22887-Miley-Cyrus-dat-ass-Twerk-N2j0Thank you Miley Cyrus for reviving a dance that has been around for YEARS and making it easily the most annoying and over exposed thing of 2013. Not only is twerking hella old with videos of women twerking to the sounds of Nicki Minaj and TYGA on YouTube dating back to 2009 but everyone was doing it wrong.

Let me tell you that the prerequisite of twerking is that you need to have an ass. Not some flat iron board backside. An actual round ass that makes you wanna say BOOOTAAAAY.  This year I kept seeing idiots grind their hips like they were doing a combined robot dance and playing on the hula hoop. When the Teen Choice Awards aimed to break the world record of the most people twerking at one time I knew I was DONE with 2013.

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