Let me start off by saying GOD IS GREAT!

For this morning I woke up to the brilliant news that JoJo is officially free from the shackles of her former records label, Blackground and has a new deal with Atlantic Records.

If you are wondering why such news is great cause for celebration then click on this link here which will explain to you the situation JoJo found herself in for almost a decade. In short, her label were basically holding her hostage from her contract which technically should have expired in 2011 resulting in her never being able to release her third studio album.

JoJo took her former label to court back in July and the verdict was revealed last night via the singer’s Instagram page that she won the battle and is FREE!!!!

People who know me know just how much I love and adore JoJo and this news has made me so happy for the entire day. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of a second chance than JoJo. During this lengthy battle with her label she has conducted herself with class and stayed humble and showed a lot more faith than I probably would have done if I were in her place.

The question is now whether JoJo stands a chance of regaining her former glory. The music industry has changed a hell of a lot since her last album release in 2006 but to be honest I think she will be just fine.

Interest in JoJo has ventured outside of the Internet with many casual music fans asking what ever happened to that 13 year old girl singer? With this neo-rnb sound currently taking precedent in the charts and EDM dying a slow and painful death I don’t see why JoJo can’t capitalise on the genre. The music she has made during her struggle, ‘Andre’/ ‘Demonstrate’/ ‘Boy Without A Heart’, if released properly could perform brilliantly on the charts.

She is with Atlantic Records who aren’t the biggest label in the world but that isn’t an issue, as long as she is free that is all that matters! The only other big name on their roster is Bruno Mars so there aren’t too many big names on the label which could result in JoJo being pushed to a side. She is a big fish in a little pond and it is PERFECT.

They’re going to have to promote hard for JoJo as a record label. Her talent speaks for itself but there is a whole generation of music buyers who don’t even know who JoJo is so they’ll have to market her as a new artist in some places. But again, as long as she is getting out there and making it known she is back then everything is just fine!

I can’t tell you guys how happy I am that JoJo is now free! If I feel this much emotion over her emancipation then Lord only knows how JoJo herself feels about all this.

I planned to do a Gif set depicting my reaction to the brilliant news but my favourite blog ‘The Lava Lizard’ beat me to it! But I’m actually so overjoyed with this news I’m still gonna do my own version anyway.

When  I first heard the news..
When I first heard the news..
When it was confirmed. JoJo is FREE.
When it was confirmed. JoJo is FREE.
When it finally sunk in..
When it finally sunk in..


When I told my friends..
When I told my friends..
And the way I have been for most of the day
And the way I have been for most of the day


Congratulations JoJo! I am ready for your long awaited comeback and rest assured that when your album does come out I will be BUYING multiple copies!

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