The 6 Things I Learnt From The 56th Annual Grammy Awards


Last night the 56th Annual Grammy Awards aired and social media was a buzz with predictions as to who was going to win, who would be wearing what and whose performance would be the best.

With that being said, I’d like to share with you the 6 things I learnt from this years Grammy Awards

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the hype around Lorde

She won two awards last night for her debut single ‘Royals’ and performed a stripped back version of the song on the night.Let me start by asking WHY does she always look like she is about to have a epileptic fit when she performs? I actually like the song ‘Royals’ but she just ruined it for me with her jolting every 30 seconds for God knows what reason and her erratic hand movements. Just stand still! Furthermore when someone says they’re going to do a stripped back version of a song I don’t expect the delivery of the song to resemble that of Stevie’s way of talking from ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ . I found myself yelling ‘HURRY UP AND SING GIRL!!!!!

Look, I am not trying to be mean for the sake of it but I really just don’t get the fascination with her. But each to their own.

P!nk needs to give the acrobatic choreography a rest

For what must be the millionth time P!nk hooked herself up to some wire cables and flew across the ceiling in her performance for ‘Try’. When I first saw her do this I was in awe because she was able to perform some pretty impressive tricks handing by a wire in mid air and sing live (and in key) the whole time. Fast forward a few years later and she is STILL doing the same routine. Yes, it is impressive but if you keep doing on doing it every time you perform it loses its appeal. But critics were happy to praise P!nk for her performance which was pretty great but I just want her to do something different now!

Beyonce will ALWAYS have people talking

When it was first announced that Beyonce was performing at the Grammys and opening the entire ceremony all bets were off as everyone believed she would bring out the best performance of the night with ease. So when she finished performing ‘Drunk In Love’ with Jay Z on stage people were divided as to whether the performance was worth the hype behind it. Some said it was boring because all she did was sit on a  chair and grind around while singing the song, her ever annoying fan base the ‘BEYHIVE’ threw their favourite adjectives from their very limited vocabulary calling it ‘ICONIC!’ ‘FLAWLESS!’ and asking the age old question ‘ WHEN WILL YO FAVE?!?!?’.

What did I think of the performance? I liked it. It wasn’t high octane or full of choreography which is probably what many expected Beyonce to have for this performance. But what you have to remember is that ‘Drunk In Love’ isn’t a ‘dancing’ song as such, the video doesn’t even have a dance routine. Its more about how the song is delivered and Beyonce’s sex appeal when it comes to this song. And she delivered it brilliantly and oozed sex appeal. So I liked it.

Kendrick Lamar was ROBBED

Yeah I said it. How this guy who released arguably one of the best Hip Hop albums of the past 5 years ,’Good Kid, M.A.A.D city’, didn’t win any of the four awards he was nominated for is a damn travesty. I know Hip Hop isn’t to everyone’s taste and thats fine but the issue isn’t that he lost, its who ended up winning instead- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Im not going to lie, when these guys popped up with ‘Thrift Shop’ it was my jam, it was catchy as hell and it was refreshing to hear a song not about how rich someone is actually get mainstream success. But then when these guys started winning awards in the Hip Hop category in award shows like the American Music Awards, well that shit didn’t sit well with me.

I’d like to think the Grammys showcase the best of the best and the winners are a clear indiction of what each genre has to offer so when Im hearing the best Hip Hop has to offer is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis I’m gonna go AWWWWWWF!

Kendrick’s album is 100% better and a PROPER showcase of Hip Hop and where it is heading in 2014 than ‘The Heist’ is. ‘The Heist’ isn’t even Hip Hop! Its RnB/ Pop at best. And do not get me started on the belief that Macklemore is some sort of Rosa Parks type hero for the LGBT Community just because of ‘Same Love’.

A lot of people have brought the concept of race into this debate and that it is because Kendrick is black that he didn’t win and that Macklemore won because he is white etc. I can’t be bothered with those types of debates so let it just be about the QUALITY of the music and fact of the matter is Kendrick’s music is overall better.

Macklemore is a Douche

If winning Grammys I personally don’t think he deserved wasn’t enough for me to dislike this guy he decided to take his feeling to Instagram and screenshot a text message he sent Kendrick about how he thought he should of won and that Macklemore feels like he has robbed him of a Grammy etc etc.

I’m sorry but isn’t this the type of stuff 13 year old girls do? Screenshot their conversations then post them on Instagram for the world to see? What was the purpose of showing the world how guilt you felt. This is the type of stuff you keep behind closed doors and talk about it as professionals. It just came across SO tacky.



And lastly…

Someone tell Taylor Swift to STOP Dancing

Bless her, she means well but every time the camera panned to her dancing in the audience I just burst out laughing. She must know she looks stiffer than un oiled bike chains when she’s dancing right? I can’t hate her for feeling herself and enjoying the music but please Taylor just no. And let it be known that you’ve now ruined the ‘SurfBort’ part of  ‘Drunk In Love’ for me with yo stiff ass!


Do you agree or disagree? Lemme know!

Until then just enjoy the Taylor Swift dancing Gif above!

2 thoughts on “The 6 Things I Learnt From The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

  1. Kendrick Lamar was definitely robbed!

  2. Hey again. I really enjoy reading the unique and entertaining pieces on your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, which you can check out here:

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