My Advice for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

During 2014, Nicki Minaj plans to make her long awaited (depends on who you’re asking really) comeback to music after dabbling in other ventures including American Idol, The Ice Age Movie, Fashion, Perfume and conquering the beverage market by putting her name on her very own drink; Myx Mascato (see thats where the line from her feature on Ciara’s ‘Im Out’ comes from- ‘If I’m sipping in the club Myx Mascato, I gotta big fat ass big dicks follow”.. Don’t say I don’t teach y’all stuff on my blog!)

Now I’m sure you are all wondering why is there so much buzz around Nicki Minaj’s new album and some of you may even ask ‘Wait? Is Nicki Minaj still a thing?’ I’m keen to see what she comes up with because believe it or not guys, I was once an ardent fan of this woman! Let me clarify and say I was a fan of the MIXTAPE Nicki Minaj which is completely different to the Nicki Minaj middle class white America have gotten accustom to. The reason why this next album is so interesting and in some ways important is because it comes after the catastrophic mess that was her sophomore album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’.

Let me tell you guys I have never heard/seen such a badly produced, written, promoted album in my 24 years of existence. You’d think Nicki Minaj would have no problems capitalising on the success of her debut album ‘Pink Friday’, which wasn’t half bad after multiple plays, and it would ensure her second album would receive the same success both from critics and the charts but someone seriously dropped the ball when it came to this album and do you know who that person is? Her own damn self.

So as Nicki Minaj prepares to make her comeback to music I have 4 pieces of advice for Miss Onika which I think her and her fans or ‘Barbz’ as they worryingly liked to be called need to read and UNDERSTAND. If Nicki wants to make a successful return to music she’s gonna have to change a few things.

Figure Out Your Sound & STICK TO IT

One of Nicki Minaj’s biggest problems and believe there are a lot is that she doesn’t even know what genre she is anymore. Remember when I said I was a fan of the mixtape Nicki Minaj? Well that was because back then she knew what she was. She was a RAPPER, spitting verses over HIP HOP beats. Fast forward to now and you have Nicki Minaj singing about ‘Starships’  and how they’re meant to fly over an EDM beat while at the same time you have her talking about how much of a boss ass bitch she is on ‘Beez In The Trap’ with 2 Chainz. There isn’t any consistency in her sound and if you listen to her last album you can see it was two different albums put together (badly) because it started off Hip Hop and then trickled into Pop territory with songs that makes Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ look like old skool Hip Hop. SMH!

I am all for artists being versatile and experimenting with different sound but if you listened to her early stuff like I did you can tell this flirtation with pop is not genuine at all and the pop music she was coming out with was garbage. Whats worse is that Nicki now gets upset when people pick her up on her venture into pop music.  In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Charlmagne The God asked her about her pop music and she got so defensive and even ordered the word ‘Pop’ be banned from any further discussions about her music. The girl knows the music she was coming out with was trash and can’t even own it.

Make Better Music 

This one is so simple yet so hard for Nicki Minaj to grasp! The music you have been making is T R A S H. Whether its ‘Starships’, ‘Pound The Alarm’, ‘Superbass’ ‘Va Va Voom’, ‘Boys’, ‘Come On A Cone’ or whatever else Nicki has released in the past few years its been absolute crap. Having big tits and a big ass and all the boys wanting you does not equate to good musical content. Its crazy to think the woman who brought us her verse on ‘Monster’ (which I will talk about below) is releasing songs like ‘Starships’. Personally this is the reason why I stopped liking/listening to Nicki Minaj because the music got progressively worse and like I said above, she is confused as to what her sound is whether its pop or hip hop so she has been making mediocre songs which even when you’re drunk don’t sound good. My advice here is to go back to the drawing board and thinking of new things to rap about and don’t be afraid to have a song with depth to it. You know something like ‘Save You’ from her debut album wouldn’t be too bad right about now. Stop worrying about wanting to make an impact on the singles chart and make an album worth listening to. Sheesh!

Move on from ‘Monster’ and ‘Pink Friday’ 

This one is both for her and her fans. Nicki’s verse on ‘Monster’ was and still is an amazing verse. She bodied Kanye and Jay Z on the same song and really made the song belong to her. But that was almost 4-5 years ago and still whenever Nicki Minaj is insulted for being talentless or trash, her ‘Barbz’ come back with ‘OH BUT DID YOU HEAR HER VERSE ON MONSTER?! GET YO LIFE HUNTY! THE QUEEN SNATCHED WIGS AND SLAAAAYED!’ And I’m not making it up, that is literally what they say. Its been years since that verse and the sad truth is that Nicki hasn’t been able to come up with a verse or an entire song that bests it. If anything she’s done the opposite of wine and gotten worse with time I mean you have all heard ‘Stupid Hoe’ right?

Now as for Nicki, girl you need to let this Pink Friday bullshit REST. How many times is the same title going to be used for your albums? It was clever at first because you released the album on ‘Black Friday’ in  America, but then you used it again with Roman Reloaded it made no sense and then once again on the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re Attempt  Re Up. Lets the damn title die!! Move on and start fresh. While you’re at it, let go of your alter egos too. Sure most artists have some alter ego, Beyonce had Sasha Fierce but your alter egos aren’t even that good Nicki so just get rid of them.

Sort your damn attitude out

This is the biggest one for Nicki Minaj and its her attitude. It is VILE. I don’t know who gassed her up into thinking she was some Elite member of Hip Hop but realise this Nicki your stature in Hip Hop does NOT warrant such an arrogant, self indulgent and bitchy attitude. I remember watching her interview with The Breakfast Club where part way into the interview she stood up and expected someone to literally kiss her ass. Her bratty behaviour on her E! reality show which followed the run up to her concert showed her to be rude and an outright bitch to her team and staff. Oh and lets not forget her behaviour on American Idol alongside Mariah Carey. Its Nicki’s attitude that has been her biggest downfall. After playing the victim against Lil Kim for so long and winning supporters, she got big headed and pushed them all away with her salty attitude. Realise this Nicki, in order to have longevity in this industry you need to be nice to people. Its such a simple concept but goes very far. Mary J Blige said it perfectly when speaking about Christina Aguilera and the time Christina told Blige to kiss her hand. She told Christina if she continues the way she does she won’t have any friends in the industry and though Britney can’t sing as well as her she’s going to have a longer career because she is a nice person.

Fast forward to 2014 and lets see, Britney Spears is currently doing her 2 year Vegas Residency selling out every show every night and getting rave reviews while Christina Aguilera is a reality tv judge on The Voice USA and hasn’t has a top 10 single of her own in the UK since 2006.


Nicki Minaj probably won’t ever read this which is sad because I think she really needs to hear what I’ve said and get rid of all the ‘Yes’ people she has in her team and get someone to tell her that she needs to get her shit together if she wants have a lasting career in the music industry.

Do you agree/disagree with what I’ve said? Are you a Barb who wants to hunt me down beat me up for being brutally honest about your ‘Queen’?

Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “My Advice for Nicki Minaj

  1. While I absolutely can’t stand Nicki Minaj and find her voice unbelievably annoying, I think that you nailed it on your a advice in an even bigger way that you know. These same things could be applied to so many artists that broke out over night and have only disappointed ever since. They key is to make music that people want to buy, rather than making music that is easy to sell to people. If you got famous for being yourself, then that’s what your fans want more of so don’t change everything just because some music mogul tells you to!

  2. I’m a huge Nicki Minaj fan and I have been since middle of 2010. I couldn’t agree more with this article. They only one thing I disagree with is saying Super Bass is trash, it was a good pop – hip hop song (in my opinion). I’m glad someone finally wrote this article and I hope she sees it too. Ever since after Pink Friday, all her music has gone down hill and I’ve been disappointed and slightly cheated out. She always talks about putting quality in her music but PFRR was pure garbage (except her ONE verse on Champion). If she doesn’t get her act together and produce a great album, I doubt her career will move on from here. I really want to see her win Grammys and go far in her career but I can’t see that right now. She also needs to ditch the “all these bitches is my sons” line. It was cute in Did it on Em but after that it got old and annoying. AND DITCH THE PINK PRINT TITLE.

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