Can Lady GaGa’s ‘G.U.Y- An Artpop Film’ Save This Era?

Lady GaGa in the music video for 'G.U.Y'
Lady GaGa in the music video for ‘G.U.Y’

This past weekend saw the release of Lady GaGa’s music video for her new single ‘G.U.Y’ and if this was 2010 the release of this video would have been considered a major music event. Blogs would have been talking about the impending release of the new Lady GaGa visual weeks before and when the moment arrived that it was uploaded to YouTube the Internet would have gone into a complete frenzy with reactions from fans across the world being expressed on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter.

But sadly for Lady GaGa it isn’t 2010 anymore and as much as her deluded  devoted  ‘Monsters’ like to ignore reality, the truth is GaGa isn’t the untouchable Pop superstar she once was which is shocking because she hasn’t even been around for longer than 5 years to receive such a mighty fall from grace.

This era for Lady GaGa hasn’t been the easiest and for the first time in her career she’s become the underdog in pop music. What with ‘low’ albums sales, regurgitated and uninspired performances and of course the mystery that forever will be known as the ‘Do What You Want’ music video featuring R.Kelly, Lady GaGa’s ‘ArtPop’ has become more of a laughing stock than a return to form for the artist.

Lady GaGa in 2009
Lady GaGa in 2009

So the release of her music video for ‘G.U.Y’ comes at a interesting point in her short career and is probably the only thing holding this ArtPop era together… only just. Now one of the main reasons why I think people quickly changed their tune when it came to Lady GaGa was because it all became a bit too gimmicky. When she first came out on the scene she was interesting, quirky, a bit kooky and came across as a woman in complete control of her career. She was even heralded as the saviour of Pop Music in 2008 was a stupid decision because it seems to have gone to her head and made her think she is some separate super being who can do no wrong. All in all, she believed her own hype.

Fast forward a few years and after countless outlandish outfits, horn facial implants and dressing up as a man at the VMAs to name but a few things, people have grown tired of this woman and her shit. Not to mention her music which, in my eyes, has gone from easy listening pop bangers to her attempt at being  avant garde and a voice for all the ‘weird’ people out there.

Girl just make simple pop music, thats all I ask.

After her second album ‘Born This Way’ failed to build on the monster success she already experienced from her debut ‘The Fame’ it looked like Pop’s little supreme Miss Darling was experiencing what the industry call the ‘Sophomore Slump’.

So the pressure was really on for Lady GaGa to bring something GREAT to the table when she released her third album ‘ArtPop’. But in typical GaGa fashion she went and hyped it up to be ‘the album of the millenium’ letting everyone believe she was going to make an album that would go down in history.



Artpop was released and it sold eight hundred and fifth thousand copies LESS than ‘Born This Way’ released in 2011. She endured an 81 percent drop in sales and what probably made it worse was she outsold by Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus both of which a few years ago wouldn’t have stood a chance against Lady GaGa and her machine.

Lady GaGa & R. Kelly In the  'Do What You Want' music video
Lady GaGa & R. Kelly In the ‘Do What You Want’ music video

The singles failed to really set the charts alight with the lead single ‘Applause’ reaching the top 10 but considering the magnitude of Lady GaGa as a popstar that wasn’t good enough and it seemed that after the metoratic success she experience so early on in her career, the only way for her was down.  Then came what could have been Lady GaGa’s saving grace in the form of a duet with R.Kelly. ‘Do What You Want’ was the song she needed to get the public back on side.  And just when things looked like they were on track, the music video that was shot and ready to be released just never came. Instead remixes with Rick Ross and Christina Aguilera were released and both failed to push the song past the the bottom end of the top 10 in the UK.

Things were getting VERY messy. And this isn’t what GaGa needed at this very crucial point in her career.

Never one to admit defeat, even when she really should, Lady GaGa rolled on with the release of her new single ‘G.U.Y’ which ,unlike ‘Do What You Want’, actually has a music video too! But its not just a music video, no its an ‘Artpop Film’ lasting almost 12 minutes long with multiple concepts and metaphors all crammed into it which I am not even going to try and understand. The question now is whether this is the life line she needed to salvage not only the ArtPop era but her entire career.

My opinion? This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve been remotely interested in Lady GaGa as a singer and the video for ‘G.U.Y’, which was directed by GaGa herself, shows that there is still some fight left in the New Yorker. Visually stunning and not too reliant on gimmicks or the shock factor, the video shows Lady GaGa in a more stripped back fashion giving us high octane choreography for a song which I completely missed when I listened to ArtPop the first (and only) time.

This could potentially get the general public back to  being interested in brand GaGa, I mean she won’t have the level of popularity she had when she first started and I think she has accepted that now. But rather on top of her core fan base known as her ‘Monsters’, she has gotten people who were indifferent about her for so long back to looking at her and talking about it. Think about it, there is something to be said about the fact I’ve had this blog up since June 2013 yet March 2014 is the first time I’ve even written about this woman because before now she just didn’t do anything worth me talking about.

In terms of the video and the song, this is probably what a lot of people wanted from Lady GaGa, I know I sure did. For her to sit down, take off all the costumes, all the garish makeup, all the wigs and just give us good pop music. I’m not saying she hasn’t completely learnt the error of her ways, I mean the end credits for the music video are 4 minutes long.

Girl, its not that deep.

But this is the step in the right direction and after numerous missteps and setbacks, it looks like both Lady GaGa and her ArtPop are back on track. All I ask is for her to stop having everything be a ‘moment’ when it comes to her music.. relax Stefani. Like I said, its no that deep!

You Go GaGa!
You Go GaGa!

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