7 Brilliant Songs You Have Never Heard


I guess I’m feeling charitable today because I’ve decided to share with you some brilliant songs which you may not have heard of by artists you also have no clue who they are.

The Internet is a great place and being the ardent music fan that I am I love finding new music by new artists as well as seasoned professional dabbling in different sounds and genres.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you probably think all I listen to is pop music by singers such as Britney, Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Rihanna and though this is true to some degree, I do enjoy a variety of songs from a variety of genres!

Hopefully you’ll find a song here that you love because ,really, these songs are all great in their own little way.

Katharine McPhee ‘Love Story’


If the Youtube comments are anything to go by, I am not alone in thinking this when it comes to this song! Katharine Mcphee was the runner up on the 5th season of American Idol and I’m not going to pretend I know anything about her time on the show because I don’t *oops*. I came across this lady when her song ‘Over It’ was played in the background of an episode of MTV’s ‘The Hills’. (it was the episode where Jen Bunny hooked up with Brody Jenner knowing full well Lauren liked him and Laurent even bought her diamonds on her birthday *OMG DRAMA!!!*) I was in America at the time her debut self titled album was released and I decided to buy it because I enjoyed the first song so much. And ‘Love Story’ instantly stuck out to me above everything else. The song is now 7 years old and never got the success it deserved, everything about the song is just so on point!

Chris Brown ft Big Sean -‘Shit God Damn’

Its becoming a trend that I find songs of Chris Brown’s that I like off of his mix tapes instead of his albums, case in point this song. ‘Shit God Damn’ is a track off his ‘In My Zone 2’ mixtape released in 2010. The mixtape followed in the success of his joint mixtape with Tyga., ‘Fan of A Fan’ and was received positively by bloggers, critics and fans. Of all the songs on the tape this one is my favourite and one of my all time favourite songs he has ever done. Its just so chilled out and showcased a far more vocally capable Chris. Its a shame we never get to see THIS side of him more often when it comes to his albums eh?!

Jelluz ‘Deeper’

If you’re from the UK you will remember the days of Channel U! The channel acted as an outlet for UK MC’s and singers to get the exposure they needed for their music. The likes of Tinie Tempah, Dizzie Rascal and  Tinchy Stryder all started on Channel U before breaking into the mainstream. And I should tell you that the channel was VERY low budget, most videos were recorded on mobile phones outside council estates BUT everyone so often someone with real talent would pop up, And in this case its UK Mc Jelluz. I loved this song the moment I heard it almost a decade ago. What I love about this song is that on a channel that had MC’s rapping about how hood and thuggish they are, Jelluz came and released a song about being in love with his girl and it was a breath of fresh air I tell you! YouTube comments indicate that the girl who sang the chorus sadly died a few years ago which in a weird way increased this song’s popularity even more. You may not be a fan of UK Rap but give this song a listen and tell me at the very least it isn’t beautifully written.

Robin Thicke -‘Mission’

Yes! Despite what everyone seems to think, Robin Thicke does have other songs aside from ‘Blurred Lines’! ‘Mission’ is an album track taken from his 5th studio album ‘Love & War’ released in 2011 and it does a brilliant job of showcasing Robin Thicke: The Vocalist which I feel people don’t give him enough credit for. The song is under  3 minutes long  but thats more than enough time to be completely hypnotised by this guy’s voice against a simple guitar and soft drum beat. I’m actually happy radio didn’t latch onto this song because radio would have overplayed this to death like another song of Robin’s. *AHEM*

Stacie Orrico – ‘Is It Me?’

Good old Stacie Orrico! If you remember she came out with a song called ‘Stuck’ in 2003 and then had a few more modest hits on radio and then disappeared which sucks because she is a real talent who deserves to be heard. Stacie had a song called ‘I’m Not Missing You’ and in the music video at the end a second track begins playing which is of course ‘Is It Me’? I’ve always thought this song sounds strikingly similar to Jay Z’s ‘Dead Presidents’ and if you listen to both songs you’ll know what I mean. I will love this song forever and ever purely for the lyrics;

My Mister Right’s probably hanging round my window pane
While I look through only watching the rain

What kind of beautiful poetry please?!

JoJo- ‘Thinking Out Loud’

Speaking of talented ladies you didn’t think I was going to share with you some of my favourite songs no one has heard of and not include my darling JoJo did you? This woman’s entire discography is full of brilliant songs no one has ever heard of but one song that stands out to me above them all is ‘Thinking Out Loud’ which is taken from her 2012 mixtape ‘Agape’. I will only say this once; JoJo is one of the best and most skilled female vocalists in the industry and anyone who is sleeping on her talent needs to wake up ASAP!

‘Thinking Out Loud’ only lasts ‘1:07’ on the mixtape because Jo thought her vocal performance of the rest of the song wan’t good enough which we all know is a crock of shit. Girl could sing the phonebook and slay. But in that 1:07 run time Jo showcases her beautiful vocals as she sings about seeing her ex for the first time after a break-up. She was meant to release the full length version to the song around this time last year but obviously it never came to actually happening. I’m hoping JoJo deciders to put the full length version on her third studio album which can finally be released *PRAISE THE LORD MOST HIGH!!*

Etta Bond/ Raf Riley ft Lady Leshurr ‘Boring Bitches’

I don’t even know what genre this song comes under. Is it dub step? Is it trap? Ska? I don’t even know but that doesn’t stop me from absolutely loving the hell out of this banger. ‘Boring Bitches’ is taken from Etta Bond & Raf Riley’s EP ‘Emergency Room’ which I came across in 2012 thanks to my dear friend Natalie. The song is basically Etta Bond calling out all those girls who go to clubs purely to stand around and look pretty as opposed to actually dancing and having fun. Let me tell you the amount of girls I saw when I was at university who just stood there with their vodka and coke pouting in selfies with their friends was insane. I wish this song was around when I was  at university! Lady Leshurr’s verse only adds to the intensity and velocity of this track which Etta and Raf  created.

1 thought on “7 Brilliant Songs You Have Never Heard

  1. I dont know whether to be happy, nostalgic, angry, sad at all of this or at you! Lol… bringing so much good memories and happiness from music that I love. Im talking about the Mission, Thinking out loud and Is It Me tracks!!!!!!!!!! Stacie is such AN AMAZING SINGER SONGWRITER! The time she reigned really molded my ears musically! And the fact you said that you heard that song at the end of Im not missing you, is just like me those years ago!
    AARRGHH This is such a good moment! I havent found ONE person who has appreciated such great music in my life! Im emosh here!

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