Nicki Minaj- Pills N Potions is NOT What The Doctor Ordered

Nicki Minaj- 'Pills n Potions' Single Cover
Nicki Minaj- ‘Pills n Potions’ Single Cover

If you cast your minds back a few months ago you will remember I wrote a piece expressing some much needed advice I felt Nicki Minaj needed to hear about her and her career.

Fast forward to now and I like to think Nicki Minaj somehow found her way to my blog and took heed of my advice because the last few months have seen a change in Minaj that has been welcomed by literally everyone. She has toned down the wigs and costumes and gone back to a much more understated image, the tracks she has been releasing online ,’Lookin Ass’ &  ‘Yass Bish’ ,have seen her showcase more of her rapping against hip hop beats and the way she has come across in interviews has been quite likeable.

Nicki Minaj 2.0
Nicki Minaj 2.0

With all that being said the real testament to Nicki Minaj’s rebranding was always going to be the first single off her third studio album ‘The Pink Print’. She has said in interviews the album is taking her back to her roots and when asked by Rap Up she said it is a record that will remind people why they fell in love with Nicki Minaj because  she feels people need to remember that.

Yesterday she revealed the lead single off of the project titled ‘Pill n Potions’ along with a bosom filled single cover in keeping with the stripped back image she has adopted as of late. Is the song everything we wanted from Nicki Minaj at this point? Is this her return to form? Has Mixtape Nicki finally been allowed to shine?

Take a listen





Sorry but what is this?

Its safe to say this is not what I expected from Miss Minaj considering her latest releases have all been so HipHop orientated focused on the rapping.

She said she would not be making a song like ‘Superbass’ on ‘The Pink Print’ and promised us she was going back to her roots yet this song is produced by Max Martin and co written by Esther Dean. Why are those names important? BECAUSE THEY WERE THE ONE BEHIND SUPERBASS!!!!

I can appreciate that is a step up from Starships, lets be real ANYTHING is a step up from Starships but Im confused with what she is actually doing right now. I would have thought naturally after ‘Lookin Ass’ and ‘Yass Bish’ that she would continue that sound for her lead single and not do a complete 180 and everything she said the album would promise. Then again this is Nicki Minaj and she has been known to fall back on her words many a time.

Also with is being summer next month I don’t understand the logic in releasing a haunting ballad just as everyone else is wanting to hear raging party anthems in the sun. If I remember correctly the last time a ballad was THE Summer anthem of the year was back in 2005 when Mariah Carey released ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Pills and Potions’ is not a fraction of brilliance that ‘We Belong Together’ still is today so I don’t know what she is doing here.

Im going to try and not hastily dismiss ‘The Prink Print’ era before it has even begun based on the one song because it really is just ONE song but any excitement or faith I had in this era being the one where Nicki, Mixtape Nicki, returns are slowly dwindling if this is is an indication of whats to come.

Regardless of what I think radio will eat this song up for breakfast lunch and dinner and you can get prepared for 10-15 year old girls quoting lyrics to this song as captions on their Instagram selfies.


Pill n Potions is NOT what the Doctor Ordered.
Pill n Potions is NOT what the Doctor Ordered.



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