The Jay Z + Beyonce ‘On The Run’ Tour Is An Exercise in Copy & Paste.

Jay Z & Beyonce's 'On The Run' Tour
Jay Z & Beyonce’s ‘On The Run’ Tour



Remember me?

I’ve kinda been AWOL from my Blog for the past month or so but rest assured my devoted legion of readers (yes, all 2 of you) I finally have some free time to update this thing!

So let me get right to it. This week saw the start of Jay Z and Beyonce’s long awaited and highly anticipated joint arena tour ‘On The Run’. The pair put their egos aside and shared the stage together for a 2 and a half hour show which saw them both revisit a back catalogue of their greatest hits, both solo and duets.

As with anything Jay Z and Beyonce do it was made into a spectacle, a once in a life time experience, an event so big that if you were not there then you may as well resign to the fact that you have failed at life. Its what we have grown to expect from the couple, everything they do is supported with a huge hype campaign behind it. Because that all  it is; hype.

And that my children is the issue I have with this tour. Moan and groan and roll your eyes all you want but I have an opinion and I’m gonna share it damn it!

Before I go anything further I want to make something clear before the BeyHive start sharpening their knives and find ways to trace my IP Address to track me down and attack me;


Now repeat it slowly and then again 5 times.

Why must I take such measures? Because her fan base, the die hard fans of hers, are stupid as hell. Y’all are so aggressive and so beyond reason that the only two words you probably took from that statement was ‘Hate’ and ‘Beyonce’.

I like the music she comes out with and have in the past enjoyed her performances but I’m not blinded by her into thinking she is immortal and the second coming of Christ. In the past few years I’ve really grown to dislike the way she comes across and even more how her fans perceive her.

But anyway let me get back to my point. Yes, I don’t hate Beyonce BUT this ‘On The Run’ tour is nothing but an exercise in copy and paste from her Mrs Carter World Tour which ended 6 months ago just this time with the odd appearance from Jay Z.

And the fact that the couple are happily charging people in excess of $300 per ticket to see a a carbon copy of a tour a few months ago is ludicrous. Sure, charge someone however much you want if you’re going to give the audience something new and exciting but I watched the videos posted on Instagram and blogs of the tour and its literally the same old routine, same old titty bounce, same old hair flip, same old growl, same old EVERYTHING!!!! If I remember correctly the last time I watched a Beyonce performance which was actually fresh and exciting it was her Glastonbury 2013 show, ahh those were god times!

I cannot comment on the atmosphere of the tour but I’m sure it was enough to make people turn a blind eye at the fact they’re watching something that has been done since Beyonce started her Mrs Carter World Tour in early 2013, which by the way did not feature ANY new music but was still happy to charge up to £80-£90 per ticket.

But do you know why they can get away with it? Like I said before its hype. You just have to look at the promotional trailer the couple created in support of of the tour. It was so self indulgent and over the top that in the time it took them and everyone involved to write, shoot and produce it that they could have spent the time devising new choreography for Beyonce and new staging and production for Jay Z all in support of a tour which currently offers nothing new!

By this point the BeyHive probably want to stone me to death in front of an audience in a stadium in Afghanistan but girls and boys I am allowed my own opinion. Especially when it comes to Beyonce and Jay Z. There seems to be some unwritten rule that you can’t speak ill of the couple without receiving backlash. Poor Keri Hilson had Beyonce albums THROWN at her because rumours suggested she wasn’t fond of Beyonce and now accordingly to Timbaland, Keri is working on a song called ‘Sorry’ which is intended for Beyonce as an apology.

Pardon me while I roll my eyes into another dimension.

I am in no way discrediting Jay Z or Beyonce’s talent. He can rap, she can sing, he is a brilliant businessman and she can dance. They’re both great at a lot of things but the best at NONE.

And this tour is just further proof of this because all they have done is regurgitate Beyonce’s world tour, stick Jay Z in between and package it as this ground breaking event.

However, I don’t blame Beyonce for wanting to go back on tour so soon because I think she’s realised she no longer has a strong presence on the charts anymore. She can’t compete with Rihanna and Katy Perry in terms of hit singles so she’s focused on making money through touring which is where the BIG money is at. But you’ll only reap the benefits of that big money from your tours if you give your audience something new and fresh and don’t just recycle your old shows. She’s only able to get away with this now because of the hype machine behind her portraying Beyonce as this God like figure who us mere mortals should bow down to.. but that can only get you so far until people realise they are being duped and sold the same product time and time again.

Perhaps only then both Jay Z and Beyonce will come back with something fresh and new and not just another concert telling us how much better they are than us and how they’re so rich with Beyonce doing her predictable titty bounce and hair flip in between.




2 thoughts on “The Jay Z + Beyonce ‘On The Run’ Tour Is An Exercise in Copy & Paste.

  1. The ‘On The Run’ tour is of course a great concept for those of us who always wanted that little bit extra when it comes to a performance from Jay and Bey. Beyonce & Jay Z have marketed themselves (mainly in Jay’s part) as the Bonnie & Clyde of the music industry, and being two of the biggest names in the industry, of course interest in them touring (finally) together was bound to cause hype, with the addition of their promo video (which I believe was great but furthermore proved Beyonce wasn’t cut to be an actress).
    Moving onwards, the issue for me begins with knowing that (if anyone else noticed) the ticket prices for this tour were released at the end of the month, a time in which paychecks for those whom are employed were coming through. This doesn’t help Jay & Bey’s camp, making them look more money hungry with their strategic planning of the ticket release dates. But of course, Beyonce ‘stans’ would happily skip paying rent to pay for tickets that are $300 or more at their own expense. As a fan (emphasis) of Beyonce, I can appreciate how hard working she is and how much she loves what she does. But this tour makes me wonder how sincere Beyonce really is and how attentive she really is to the needs of her fans. In my opinion, I personally believe that Beyonce sees her stans as very stupid, either that or she realises that her stans are predominantly very young people whom are not used to and refuse to accept change (especially in this generation were everything is on demand), hence why she has to keep her routines, her music as well as her hair the same (remember when she got that chop)? Also, it seems that Beyonce knows that regardless of whether she does the same thing again and again, she knows her stans will still ‘Live’ for it. She also realises that she is no longer an artist, but a franchise; an artist will stay true to their art and will be obligated to change their art or reinvent themselves to express where they are in their life through their music. However in Beyonce’s case, the rise of her popularity as a singer, as well as marrying a business man (emphasis on business man) made her realise that she was no longer an artist but a product of the people. And as a product, only a few changes would be made, so that the public can have a small taste of something different, but still feel familiar and interested with the rest of the product, therefore keeping the brand alive. But for how long?
    In the case of Jay Z, he is long past his prime as a Hip-Hop artist, and clearly doesn’t have the heart to make music anymore. Jay knows that there are plenty of rappers hungry for his spot, and we can all honestly say that he is long past relevant. But being the smart business man he is, pairing up with his wife for this tour would still generate interest in him as the artist. I could even go on to say that him hooking up with Beyonce and marrying her was also a business investment to an extent, but that’s a different topic itself….
    (ive rambled on a bit but hopefully my point is clear). Great article!

  2. They are both money hungry. Everything they do is for their empire, including churning the rumor mill that conveniently places them in the midst of controversy. I just have one question, what are you going to do with all that money? With all that money, Beyonce, please buy some humilty. My only problem with Beyonce is that she lacks humility…she thinks shes better than all of us and her attitude is living proof of that. No, im not a fan because she’s fake.

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