I tried to keep this short and sweet but 20 singles plus 4 ‘Honourable Mentions‘ is the best I could do okay?

2015’s Honourable Mentions

Britney Spears ft Iggy Azalea ‘Pretty Girls’

Britney should never have been made to work with Iggy. EVER.

But the music video saw Britney give us a dance break which hasn’t been seen in pop music videos since the great days of The Pussycat Dolls (sigh) but the most memorable thing about this song was the aftermath of its underperformance on the charts.

Iggy’s scheduled summer tour was cancelled because people realised they value their hearing too much to pollute their ears with such garbage from Crocodile Dundee with a ‘blackcent’  of poor ticket sales and with that she felt the need to claim Britney should have promoted ‘Pretty Girls’ more in order for it to be a success.

Britney being the unproblematic Queen we all know and should love took to twitter to comment.

Shade-ney Spears.


Karen Harding ‘Say Something’

Now, I didn’t even know this lady was from The X Factor until recently. Karen was booted off from TXF a few years back at the Boot Camp stages but none of that makes any difference because this song is a B O P. I haven’t heard much from her since then but if this is all she has to offer then I am more than happy with that.

Miley Cyrus -‘Dooo It’


I’ll tell you whats good- good is when you tell everyone you have a new album available for free AND include a download function so people like myself can listen to said new album on the tube, at the gym, or just out and about and not force me to have to sit at a computer connected to WiFi to listen to your album.

Anyways,  Miley released her free “album” called ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ on Soundcloud and it was fronted by ‘Dooo It’.  Production above anything else is why this song is on my list.

Lets not talk about the video.


Tinashe Ft Chris Brown -Player’

She hasn’t quite released anything on the same level of greatness as ‘2 On’ but there is still time! ‘Player’ was a nice introduction to her second album titled ‘Joyride’ out in 2016 and illustrates what an excellent dancer Tinashe is.

Just hurry up and become the pop megastar you are destined to be.




20. Fetty Wap- ‘679’

Its not all about pop you know, I can be #Urban too.

2015 has been a great year for Fetty, he dominated the summer with ‘Trap Queen’ and proved with follow up singles ‘My Way’ and ‘679’ that he isn’t just a novelty artist and shows no signs of fading into obscurity just yet.


19.Fleur East ‘Sax’

Contrary to popular belief there is some saxophone in this song and it isn’t just all trumpets I can assure you. Also that X Factor performance of this song is possibly one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in 2015.


18. Rita Ora Ft. Chris Brown- ‘Body On Me’

2015 was the year I finally embraced Rita Ora into my life and just how people find religion and feel a sense of peace and tranquility- I feel much better for it.
Calvin Harris has restricted Rita from releasing any of the music they recorded together resulting in her original second album being scrapped but she didn’t let that stop her from releasing bonafide BOPS. She also secured a role on The X Factor as a judge where every week she blessed us with her impeccable collection of wigs during the live shows and last week went on to have the winning act of the series.



17. MNEK & Zara Larsson ‘Never Forget You’

MNEK has been on my radar for a while now and it was great to see him and Zara Larsson, who I’m a little less familiar with, score such a big hit with this song. Its rare to find a song that combines elements of dance, deep house and pop so perfectly but here we are!


16. Nick Jonas Ft. Tinashe -‘Jealous’

I am still having sleepless nights trying to figure out what is meant by ‘chin music’ but aside from my personal #FirstWorldProblem Nick-Jay and Tee-Nah-Shay made what was already a good solo song into an incredible duet. See, this is what I’m talking about when I say Tinashe needs to stop messing around and accept her calling as pop’s next superstar.


15. Pia Mia Ft. Tyga & Chris Brown- ‘Do It Again’

If this is the closest we will ever get to a Kylie Jenner pop career then so be it. Guam native and, more importantly, friend of Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia finally made her leap into the mainstream by sampling J-Boog’s ‘Lets Do It Again‘ who is also a Guam native who Pia saw perform in Guam when she was a kid so she wanted to pay homage to him with her debut single. Its all just a massive Pia and J-Boog love-fest isn’t it?


14. JoJo- The Tringle

The Emancipation Of JoJo came full circle this summer when she FINALLY released not one, not two but THREE singles on the same day in August which she aptly called her ‘Tringle’. Compromised of the Benny Blanco assisted dance pop single ‘When Love Hurts’, power ballad ‘Say Love’ and my personal favourite ‘Save My Soul’ JoJo made a welcome return to the pop forefront after an eternity in music label purgatory.
All three singles showcase JoJo’s diverse range and capabilities as a singer and bode very well for her inevitable 3rd studio album earmarked for an early 2016 release.


13. Adele ‘Hello’

Adele is better known being seen at the top of any chart she is placed in but in mine she makes it to number 13. Hurricane Adele came in with no warning, she teased a snippet of her first single ‘Hello’ during a commercial break of The X Factor (which was G E N I U S by the way) and sent the whole of the UK and then the rest of the world into a frenzy. And nothing was the same since.


12. Rihanna- ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

Just hurry up and release ANTI.


11. Charlie XCX & Rita Ora -‘Doing It’

Rita makes her second appearance on my list because #PROTECTRITAORA and this time its with Charli XCX with her single ‘Doing It’. The solo version of this song never quite clicked with me but low and behold a feature by Rita Ora is all this song needed to make it work.




10. Years & Years ‘King’

This was good…


9. Selena Gomez ‘Good For You’

Selena done grown up y’all!
Its just a shame the iTunes version I purchased had to include ASAP Rocky and his gross line ‘rubbin’ on my miniature’

Not cool.


8. The Weeknd ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

I’m one of those insufferable people that likes to tell everyone that I’ve been listening to The Weeknd since 2010/2011 when he was delivering stellar mix tapes and being lauded as the saviour of RnB on forums and blogs. Fast forward to 2015 and you can now see The Weeknd performing alongside Victoria Secret Models and nabbing 7 Grammy nominations for his album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’.

All I ask is everyone to stop with the Michael Jackson comparisons.
Its not cute.


7. Hilary Duff ‘Sparks’

After multiple false starts in the form of ‘Chasing the sun’ and absolute CHOOOOON ‘All about you’ it looked like we were never going to get a new Hilary Duff album. But then fast forward to spring and out Hilary Duff came once again to rise from the ashes with rainbow coloured hair and a pop banger in her arsenal in the form of ‘Sparks’. The original music video was one big Tinder advert but then fans wanted more (MOAR) so Hilary released a ‘Fan Demanded’ version equipped with dancing and no awkward Tinder chatter.

She then went on to release ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out’ which is in my top 3 pop albums of 2015 but then didn’t promote it at all and went back to working on her TV show ‘Younger’.

Why you gotta be like that Hilary?!


6. Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’

2015 was the year everyone finally released they were a Belieber all along and its hard not to when the Biebs is releasing bangers like ‘Sorry’. No one else seems to have noticed or commented on how heavily influenced this song is by the signature sounds of Trinidad and Tobago better known as soca and calypso.

And I would not be at all surprised if in 2016 we see more pop singers adopt soca and calypso into their music because, if ‘Sorry’ is anything to go by, it works pretty damn well.


5. Taylor Swift ‘Style’©

This was,still is and forever will be the best song on 1989.
I just wish the video wasn’t so horrid.  She could have done so much with this music video, like cast a male lead that actually looked like Harry Styles especially as so much effort was put into ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’. Why drop the ball at the most crucial point Taylor??!?!


4. Years & Years ‘Shine’

…But this was a million times better.


3. Demi Lovato ‘Cool for the summer’

People spent too much time questioning why Demi all of a sudden started singing songs Ke$ha (#FreeKe$ha) would sing and missed the entire point that Demi released a BEAST of a song in the form of ‘Cool for the summer’.

Demi also shot herself in the foot by debuting the single online in July (you know, peak of summer) and then deciding it should be released in September (you know, THE END OF SUMMER).

And then there was good old Poot Lovato…


2. Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Run away with me’

Let me start off by saying Carly Rae Jepsen released THE greatest album of 2015 with ‘E•MO•TION’ and this is not up for any type of debate.

It is just unfortunate that the album hasn’t made the impact it should have and there are hundreds of poor souls walking the streets not even aware that such pop brilliance like ‘Boy Problems’, ‘Warm Blood’ and ‘Run away with me’ even exist.

If you want to let your nearest and dearest know they are loved and cherished in your life this holiday season then purchase a copy of ‘E•MO•TION’ for them today and see their lives dramatically improve. And just know you did something great today ❤

And if when you listen to ‘Run away with me’ it doesn’t cause you to feel ANY sort of euphoric wave of emotion then you’re dead inside. #KThxBye


1.Little Mix ‘Black Magic’

If someone told me that I would have become such a huge fan of Little Mix in 2015 I would have paused my mp3 of Fifth Harmony ‘Boss’, stopped swiping my card and doing the Nae /Nae just for a moment to tell them they are wrong.

Its funny how things work out isn’t it?

Little Mix have gone from strength to strength this year and I think its time we crown them the true successors to Girls Aloud in terms of UK Girlbands because no other band is as exciting or consistent in releasing excellently crafted pop songs as Little Mix.

AND they actually do dance breaks in their performances.
We are not worthy.



  1. Love this post amazing songs!

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