5 things I want from the next Little Mix album

I think it’s fair to say Little Mix are the biggest girl band in the UK, perhaps even the world. While they’re currently enjoying a well-earned break from being the greatest British girl group since The Spice Girls (FIGHT ME!), I’ve been thinking a lot about what their next album, their fifth if you ignore their ‘Glory Days’ re-release at the end of 2017, could look and sound like.

Both ‘Get Weird’ and ‘Glory Days’ were huge eras for Little Mix where they proved they are incredible singers, sensational dancers, unwavering allies of the LGBTQ+ community and just all round brilliant popstars. But where can Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie go from here?

Now I should point out I don’t claim to have an A&R level of understanding on how the music industry works or how to manage artists. But I am a consumer of music and a Little Mix stan, so I think that gives me as good a licence as any to suggest FIVE things I’d like to see Little Mix do as part of their next album.

Let Leigh-Anne shine

Leigh-Anne has really come into her own over the past few years both with her style and confidence on stage. I find myself almost drawn solely to her when Little Mix are on stage. Perrie and Jesy are considered the faces of Little Mix to casual listeners, but I’d really like to see Leigh-Anne brought to the front a bit more and given more share of the mic. Her voice might not be as strong as the others, but when she gets it right it’s fucking stunning.

Better music videos

Off the top of my head I can only think of three music videos by Little Mix that I’d watch again; ‘Power’, ‘Move’ and ‘Salute.’ The reason these three stand out is because they either have incredible visuals (aka LEWKS are being served) or brilliant choreography. They could easily pull off a Justin Bieber ‘Company’ style music video where they’re just dancing the whole time, or come up with a better narrative than driving around in the desert. This is not shade, I’m just thinking that we live in a visual era and I wish Little Mix would appreciate the importance of a great music video with replay value or one that has endless gif reaction opportunities.

Get the features they deserve

Please tell me why Little Mix are wasting their honey-glazed vocals with the acts like Charlie Puth, Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Trainor?! I mean, they had Missy Elliot on the remix of ‘How Ya Doin’? so their label can pull in big names on their tracks, but it’s probably down to label politics and calling in favours that the girls have had to slog it with some of pop’s most beige and uninspired acts.

If the next album is going to include features, please let it be someone like Big Sean, Khalid or maybe one of the Drag Race queens who can sing or rap. I’m sure Jade can pull some strings and get Alaska Thunderfuck or Adore Delano to sit on the middle-right of a track. If they’re going to work with female acts, which they should because that would be amazing, please don’t let it be Iggy Azalea. That ship has sailed and her career is rightfully at the bottom of the ocean next to the Titanic and Bin Laden’s corpse. I know getting Nicki Minaj is a long shot, but I don’t see why Stefflon Don or Ms Banks can’t be pulled in to lay down a few bars.

Little Mix at the Brit Awards 2017
Little Mix at the Brit Awards 2017

Dabble in RnB

I say dabble, when really I mean dive in head first. In an ideal world Little Mix would work with DJ Mustard or Darkchild and bless the world with an RnB banger. But SYCO are pretty limited on who their acts work with, which is why they also need to fulfil their contractual obligations and sign to a better label. ASAP.

I’m not saying their current sound isn’t already great, but I want to see them step outside their comfort zone a bit. Let’s not forget their first proper big moment on The X Factor when they were contestants was when they covered En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go.’ They obviously have the range to do something a little more urban.

Basically, the soundboard for LM5 should definitely be a cross between Sugababes ‘Overload’, Dream ‘He Loves U Not’, 411 ‘Dumb’ and Destiny’s Child ‘Say My Name.’

Don’t come back so soon

This sound super shady, doesn’t it? What I mean is I really want Little Mix to take their time with their next album. Proper immerse themselves in the creative process, live life and throw all their experiences into their music. I was really surprised when they released ‘Glory Days’ so soon after ‘Get Weird’, which is probably why it took me a while to connect with the album. I think the rush release was a case of their team striking the iron while it was hot and capitalising on their popularity. This is fine and just a smart business move. But Little Mix have now solidified their place in pop music, there’s no chance of them being forgotten in a couple of years’ time. There is no group, male or female, on Little Mix’s level. And their devoted Mixers are far too loud and pervasive across all social media to ever let anyone forget that.

Image source: The Guardian/ The Sun

1 thought on “5 things I want from the next Little Mix album

  1. Unexpectedly, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this… a piece about Little Mix’s career. I had always been dismissive of them, even though I kept up with all of their music releases (???, probs some misogyny kicking around in there >__>),
    but your post has rightly reminded me of their impressive achievements and their current standing in the biz., so, ta! Interesting piece, Yusuf!

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