Yes… I know… I have neglected my blog for pretty much most of 2018. 

In my defence, trying to do this whole getting-paid-for-writing gig in London has eaten up a lot of my time and energy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it and everything but it’s made it challenging to find the time to write anything on here, a place where literally no one reads my shit and I feel like I’m speaking into a limitless void but don’t care too much because an outlet is what it is no matter who’s listening.

But I’m back on here for my annual rundown of my favourite songs and albums of 2018, which I’ll be publishing in the next few weeks. I’ll also try and do a list of my favourite books I read this year – did I mention I’m a member of a queer book club now? Yep, ya girl has been doing lots of cultured shit in the last nine or so months.

I really want to make sure I maintain this blog a lot better in 2019 because it has been my very own sounding board for all my nonsense and musings since 2013, and I guess I’m a bit sentimental about the place “where it all began” – God, that sounds so douchey. 

Anyways, to all my readers (all one of them, hiya Mum!) check back here in the next couple of weeks where I’ll be finally posting some End of Year stuff.

In the mean time, here are links to all the stuff I’ve been writing elsewhere on the Internet in 2018.


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Is There A Place For Monogamy In Modern LGBTQ+ Culture?

No One Should Be Forced To Come Out Like Rita Ora Was

Where Do Queer Muslims Go During Ramadan?

When Did We Start Referring To Ourselves As Queer?

Grindr Has A New App To Address Discrimination

Does ‘The Hills’ Have A Place in 2018?

Riz Ahmed: ‘I Don’t Want To Escape My Ethnicity, It’s Not About That.’

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