I managed to read a total of 33 books this year and somewhere in-between all that page turning I joined a fabulous queer book club!

The aim at the beginning of the year was to read a total of 40 books, but life got in the way and I still believe 33 books in 52 weeks is fairly good going.

And so, continuing with my End of Year #CONTENT, here’s a quick line (or two) on every book I read in 2018.

And remember! Reading is what? FUN-DA-MEN-TAL.

A heartwarming story that at times felt a little too twee for my liking.

Ridiculously hilarious.

This took me a while to get into, but a brilliant story on one of my favourite Tales of the City characters.

I counted five (5!!!!!!!) typos in this book.

It took me 18 WHOLE ASS MONTHS to read this.

Complete throwaway fluff and I loved it.

I honestly forgot I read this book.

Mildly disappointed by this one because the premise seemed right up my street.

A clever mix of queer YA and fantasy. Loved it.


Fucking hell! This book will definitely make you feel some type of way about your own life.

Loads better than the movie and peach scene was a 100x hotter.

This book was phenomenal. Adam Silvera does queer YA fiction so damn well.

My heart is still not okay after this book. A flawed but gorgeous story.

Slightly less memorable than the other Adam Silvera titles I read this year, but equally great and stunningly written.

Michael Tolliver reflecting on how the AIDs crisis has ravaged his community should be made compulsory reading for everyone.

I said this last year, but my goddddd I miss Carrie Fisher.


I’m obsessed with Liane Moritaty’s books. They read like feature length episodes of Desperate Housewives (just set in Australia). This one is a bittersweet tale of amnesia, death, divorce and lemon meringue.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this one because Penguin Classics are never normally my thing. Would recommend! 

A somewhat sad story about my all-time favourite Tales of the City character.

Readable, but left me kind of cold. One of the weaker books from the series, IMO.

Definitely my least favourite book from the entire series.

This book literally had no plot whatsoever.

A harmless, light read about two long-lost brothers. One’s a “””masc””” gay and the other is a drag queen. You can picture the rest of it.

Another great novel from Robert Rodi that shines a light the inherent ridiculousness of having to come out in a very straight world.

The synopsis says this book is about the Hijra (trans) community in India. IT LIED!!!!

thank you, next.

The sex scenes in this book were so damn good I had to sit cross legged for most of my commutes into work. 

Not everyday gay men, sometimes lesbians too.

Absolutely gorgeous. OH MY HEART!!!! 

Very much ‘Eat, Gay, Love’.

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before – FAVE BOOK OF 2018.

How stunning is this cover?! A cute queer YA story that focuses on the ‘B’ in LGBTQ+.

A heartwarming final instalment to the Tales of the City series. I’m almost certain everyone needs their own Anna Madrigal in their life.


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